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Family Type Institution – "Small Group Home"

The Small Group Home in Chisinau exists since the year 2000 and was the first alternative model for childcare in the Republic of Moldova. Until 2000, the only policy for childcare was institutionalization of the children in big internats, where the children were most often neglected. The tragic behind this is that more than 80% of the children do have parents. They gave them away out of social or economic reasons.

Small Group Homes is successfully engaged in the deinstitutionalization of children from institutions and reintegrate them in the biological families.

The aim of this project is
Children are being taken out of institutions. They live for a certain period (between 6 months and 2 years) in a family type institution, where they are re-socialized. There they learn to live with “brothers and sisters” and to take on responsibilities, such as helping in the kitchen, cleaning supporting their younger „brothers and sisters“, etc. Parallel to this, the parents are supported psychologically until they are able to take back their children. If a child has no parents, foster families are looked for.

  • 20 children can live in Small Group Homes
  • Financial Support of the organization: payment of staff, humanitarian aid, hygienic articles and medicines
  • Training of personnel in modern pedagogical methods
  • Cooperation program with the University in Chisinau in order to provide the students with practical training: network of volunteers and development of adequate curricula
  • Consultation service for parents and pedagogical support for parents and families.

The parents are in all phases of the reintegration of children in society an essential part of this process. They are consulted on each step in the development of the child.

This project serves as a model project for the whole Republic of Moldova. It has a high success rate: out of 72 children, that have been living in Small Group Homes, 54 are already back in their families.

Project Data
Budget: Euro 280.000
Project Duration: June 2005 – September 2007
Project partner: ADA

Address: Alexandru cel Bun str. 85, mun. Chisinau MD-2012, Republic of Moldova

Tel.: +373 22 21 25 41,
Fax: + 373 22 21 25 54