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Final conference of the project "Remittances developing Moldovan communities"

On January 21, 2014 within Leogrand Hotel in Chisinau, took place the final conference of the project "Remittances developing Moldovan communities", implemented by Hilfswerk Austria International with the support of the European Union.

Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola, mentioned at the opening of the final conference, that one of the effects of migration on countries of origin are the remittances sent home by the migrant workers. In Moldova, 80% of the remittances are spent on necessities and less are used in investments that would generate income. The Ambassador also stated, "Unfortunately, the financial contributions of remittances are far from addressing the economic situation of the country, because they practically bring no added value that would create new jobs". Further, Mr. Pirkka Tapiola, noted that migration could lead to the development of the national economy, if remittances would be forwarded and processed in activities that generate revenues and lead to the development of localities. The state is responsible for ensuring a beneficial legal framework for creating a good investment climate.

The Desk Officer for Southeast Europe of Hilfswerk Austria International, Andrea Tauber, mentioned that as a result, the "Remittances developing Moldovan communities" project has made possible the opening of a resource center for entrepreneurs in Orhei city, and thanks to its successful activity, 580 of migrants and remittance recipients have already been trained in business development. Andrea Tauber also noted, "The project has achieved measurable success stories and led to efficient management of remittances. This is a plus for Moldova".

As a result of the project implementation, over 500 Moldovan migrants and remittance recipients received training regarding business launching and development. Therefore, there were initiated 7 businesses, that have created 22 jobs so far.

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