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ZERO Conference

HWA-Moldova joins the Zero Project Conference on Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices for Persons with Disabilities 27 – 28th February 2014 at UN Vienna, Austria

Most of the one billion people around the world who live with disabilities are excluded from equitable access to education, employment, healthcare and other resources. Barriers in the built environment, transport, information and communication, including ICTs, as well as inaccessible products and services, prevent them enjoying the same rights as others.

One cannot enjoy a human right to which one does not have access. Innovative and effective solutions that actively promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities are needed. And those that do exist need to spread to other countries and regions of the world.

“We do not need to reinvent the wheel”. The Zero Project researched more than 55 innovative solutions from around the world: existing and successful policies and practices that overcome the conditions that act as barriers to persons with disabilities enjoying their basic human rights.

To discuss and promote these solutions, the Essl Foundation, the World Future Council and European Foundation Centre have joined forces, once again, to convene an international conference in Vienna.

The conference seeks to strengthen the commitment of all stakeholders to protect, respect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities, especially in times of crisis.

The delegation of Hilfswerk Austria in Moldova shall take part in the event, by bringing the examples of contributing to the improvement of the lives of persons with disabilities in Moldova, particularly among children and youth.

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