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Civic education and elections

Vote Mock Elections
Moldova's aspiration towards a democratic society requires support from various programs that would promote voter education amongst both adults and youth, in order to strengthen the knowledge and awareness of the voting importance for the country's future.

The overall objective of the project was the capacity building and entailing cooperation amongst Moldovan NGOs into educating and mobilizing Moldovan voters to participate in the parliamentary elections of 2009.

The main activities conducted have concerned: organizing 6 Vote Mock Elections in the district centres, 12 Vote Mock Elections in rural communities of the selected regions, and 10 workshops in other 10 districts of the country, for at least 200 Moldovan NGOs in order to disseminate the Vote Mock Elections model.

Altogether, the project involved 36 qualified trainers from Cimislia, Cantemir, Rezina, Ungheni, Soroca, Edinet trained in facilitation of Vote Mock Elections methodology. Additionally, around 540 youth from 18 communities, and about 1.800 representatives of rural communities, were involved in project activity.

About 200 NGO representatives from all around the country participated in Vote Mock Election exercise, related workshops, and local campaigns prior to elections of 2009 which have contributed to the raise of the civic involvement and voting significance in the Republic of Moldova.

Partner: CMB Training Centre


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