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Inclusion and Health through exercise

According to the official data for 2012, 14.851 children with disabilities were registered in the Republic of Moldova. The vast majority of institutions for children with disabilities are old-Soviet type auxiliary schools, located mostly in rural areas and offering the limited spectrum of services, such as catering, clothing, school program classes.

Especially for the Transnistrian region - a self-proclaimed autonomy, little has been done for children with disabilities. In this region the provision of social assistance for families having a child with disability remained unchanged since the Soviet times. The out-of-date approach in Transnistrian region is more to institutionalize children with disability than to include them into society and to foster their abilities.

In general, children with disabilities are more likely to suffer from health problems related to a lack of physical activities than other children. The reasons in Moldova and the Transnistrian region are mainly based on social exclusion, possibilities and an absence of trained persons being able to deal with special exercise needs of children with various disabilities.

The project seeks to support rural community centres in promoting the participation of children with disabilities in physical activities, recreation and sports in the Republic of Moldova, including the Transnistrean region.
Our aim is to enhance the state of health and well-being of children with disabilities by building the capacity of carers through training and empowerment concerning demand-oriented exercise, sports and recreation as well as to sensitise key community players.

  • Training and empowerment of carers for children and youths with disabilities in regard to demand-oriented exercise, sports and recreation on both banks of the river Nistru
  • Sensitising society to the importance of exercise, sports and recreation for children and youths with disabilities

Target group
  • At least 800 children enrolled by the service provision within the special rehabilitation and day care institutions (main target group)
  • At least 10 professional care centres and 350 carers for children and youths with special needs on both banks of the river Nistru
  • 220 parents of children and youths with special needs

Project Data
Budget: € 22.000
Duration: 01 October 2013 - 30 September 2014
Project partner: Association of Support for Children with Physical Disabilities from Peresecina (ASCHF)

Address: Alexandru cel Bun str. 85, mun. Chisinau MD-2012, Republic of Moldova

Tel.: +373 22 21 25 41,
Fax: + 373 22 21 25 54