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Right to Vote for Visually Impaired Persons

According to the Moldova Society for Blind Persons, there are about 10.000 visually impaired people (VIP). The living conditions of most VIPs in Moldova are below minimum standards and also, they are not acknowledged as being part of the society.

Furthermore, according to Moldovan law, a voter who cannot vote by him/herself due to some inability has the right to be supported and guided through the voting process by a person of his/her choice.

This project aimed to address the problem that by being accompanied into the voting booth, the human right to direct vote is being violated. The project activities had the purpose to contribute to mentality change, to raise public awareness and to create best possible conditions to ensure fundamental rights for disadvantaged groups.

The main activities conducted focused on training of VIPs, capacity building and on VIP voting advocacy and lobby. Additionally, master classes and workshops for VIPs on preparing other forms of ballots adapted to being used independently by VIPs have been organised.

Moreover, a series of public events was organised for the promotion of the human right of VIPs to direct and secret voting, with the participation of authority representatives and the wider civil society. The project also succeeded to implement several pilot models of alternative voting for VIPs during the referendum and parliamentary elections in Moldova in fall 2010.

Partner: Moldova Society for Blind Persons


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