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Our objectives - what we want to achieve

To promote social, economic, democratic and ecological development.
Our work is oriented toward Austrian and international objectives of development cooperation. We are involved in the battle against poverty and hunger. We are committed to better health for humankind and to creating educational opportunities. Particular attention is turned to providing relief for children in need and special assistance for women.

To provide help so others can help themselves in the long term.
Our assistance is meant to have a sustainable and long-term impact. Sustainability means to equitably implement and ensure sociocultural, ecological and economic targets. In order to guarantee the long-term effectiveness of our aid programs, we thoroughly involve our local partner organizations in the conception, organization and realization of projects. Our challenge is to see to it that after discontinuation of support the local population is in a position to continue the projects at their own initiative and to shape their lives in an independent and responsible manner.

Development and economy.
Economic development is a basic prerequisite for the lasting reduction of poverty and therefore an essential foundation for sustainable development. Hilfswerk Austria wants to help strengthen economic development and develop modern economic structures in its partner countries.

Getting to know Austria.
Development cooperation and assistance to Eastern Europe are also a way to get to know Austria. We also want to familiarize Austrians with the living conditions in our partner countries and establish contacts between people in our partner countries and Austria. Through our activities we want to help boost the image of Austria and Europe in the rest of the world.


Address: Alexandru cel Bun str. 85, mun. Chisinau MD-2012, Republic of Moldova

Tel.: +373 22 21 25 41,
Fax: + 373 22 21 25 54