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Rural Development Program and Training Centre

The project is a model for rural development in Moldova through
  • A Vocational Education Training School
  • Competence Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The Agricultural Project focuses on community development by offering the necessary support in solving the most acute problems: high unemployment and migration (up to 80 % in both), low incomes in rural communities (between 30-50 Euros per month), collapse of social infrastructure and disappointment of population.

Competence Centre for Entrepreneurship:

The centre offers:
  • consultancy services for individual entrepreneurs (farmers, small and medium seized businesses, cooperatives, etc.)
  • Development of Economic Strategies for the whole Region together with the Rayon Administrations
  • Cooperation with Employment Agency to do specialized trainings for people looking for a job
  • Training of trainers of other schools
  • Training of professional working in Agricultural related fields (short trainings on enhancement of capacities for 2-3 months).

A 3 round small grant programme with more than 70 beneficiaries from 5 target regions has been implemented.

Target group:
  • Young motivated youth and students from vulnerable families of the Regio
  • Already existing Entrepreneurs, cooperatives and entrepreneurs to be
  • Local Administrations.

Project data
Budget: EUR 400.000
Project duration: September 1, 2007– March 31, 2011
Project partner: ADA, Local Administrations

Address: Alexandru cel Bun str. 85, mun. Chisinau MD-2012, Republic of Moldova

Tel.: +373 22 21 25 41,
Fax: + 373 22 21 25 54